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Muzeum řemesel 
Nový dvůr 143, 561 51 Letohrad 
Tel.: +420 465 622 160 
Fax: +420 465 621 550 
E-mail: letohrad@muzeumremesel.cz

Company headquarterst:
Drahomíra Taclová - Společenské centrum Nový dvůr 
V Aleji 845, 561 51 Letohrad
IČO: 63199556, DIČ: CZ6452130641 
Zapsán u ŽU Ev.č.: 361100-26301

GPS: 50° 02' 06.383"N
          16° 30' 15.406"E

Tourist information

Access to Letohrad:

You can come by train. The railway station is about 500 meters far from the Museum. A destination board is placed on the station building on the side of the street.
By car or by bus you can come directly on the premises of Nový Dvůr. There is a sufficiency of parking space.

The Museum of crafts is about 300 meters far from the Letohrad square.

Directly in the Museum building you can find the refreshment facilities. The restaurant is open daily from 11:00. It is better to make an order in advance for larger groups, tel: +420 465 621 555.